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As well as regular guest beers, we also have two permanent house beers:

Theakstons Best bitter

Theakston Best Bitter is the leading session ale within the Theakston portfolio and has been for time immemorial. It is quite possible that when Robert Theakston founded the brewery in 1827 the range of ales would have been limited to just two or three of which almost certainly, one would have been a bitter beer. Consequently it would be reasonable to argue that Theakston Best Bitter is one of the longest established session ales in Yorkshire.

When we refer to a ‘bitter’ beer, the term does not mean sour as in lemons, but dry as in ‘dry white wine’. So Best Bitter is a full bodied, dry beer.

We use five different hop varieties to make our Best Bitter forming a complex but subtle taste profile. The combination of dryness as generated through the use of Target and Challenger hops, is balanced by sweetness created by the generous use of prime malting Barley providing the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of food flavours as found in a Ploughman’s lunch for instance.


Caledonian Golden XPA

Golden XPA has enticing floral aromas from Cascade hops. Hallertau Hersbrucker hops add more floral and soft fruit, Northdown hops develop aromas and light bitterness, all balanced by a malty moreish flavour and satisfying bitterness.
Wheat is added to ensure a silky smooth finish. Thirst quenching, exceptional and irresistible
Tasting Notes

English style summer ales are light to golden in colour, with a medium bitterness that is balanced by residual malt biscuit-like sweetness. This style is really come to the fore in recent years within the booming category of Golden Ale.


"We also feature two guest bitters every week"


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